About Me


I’m Nitika Sharma and I love to write under name of NitikaS(Nics/ Neha).

I’m a Serial Entrepreneur. I’m extremely passionate about Smart Devices, Technology, Telecommunication & Dealing with People.

I’m Highly Kicked about Technology Revolution, Mind Power & Signaling. For fulfilling my aspiration i recently started VNOW Technologies. I want to invent something significant & extremely useful to Human & Planet.  I want to bring Technology & Mind Power together to make this world better place to live.

I love helping & motivating people to live their life at its best. I feel it’s my responsibility as a Human.

I saw lots of Ups & Downs in 31 years of life. I saw best & worst in both professional & personal Life  but i always believe in rising from my own ashes.  Failures and success is always part of life but to turn failure into success is the only thing i prefer.

Why I’m Writing this Blog?

I’m writing this blog with sole purpose to add something good to people life.

I’m writing for all people who do wanna become something in life or is facing issues or looking for motivation or looking for helping hand. I want people to look into positive side of everything. I want to support people in having life of their dreams.

I want to add something positive & motivating to everyone life.

I know the key to success is the motivation & spark within self. During my hard days i realized that nothing will work for you till you don’t learn to see positive side of every happening & till you not collect your entire energy to come out of suffering. It’s important.

I wanna help you all to find that positive attitude & spark within self.

I wanna help you all to live your rest of life as best of life…

Who I’m?

I’m person who believes Life is to live at fullest with a Purpose & a Vision. I respect people who know or try to know why god blessed them to come on this earth. I respect people who know the real cause, purpose of living, who don’t let their life go just like that in ordinary manner. I call them real People, People who believe in themselves & do make difference. I believe world is beautiful & its beauty start with heart of the individual.

I’m ENTREPRENEUR. I believe not only to make profits but in building reputation, building relationship and help people to live their dreams. I believe in serving my planet & want to add something in growth of my planet & its people. I want to be among most successful, reputed business women in this world. I love my work & I’m damm serious for same.

I’m INNOVATOR. I love to create something different & I love innovation. I always see things differently.

I’m EMOTIONAL. I believe that one should be true & dedicated in any relationship. For me ‘I LOVE YOU’ is not just three words. I believe these are the purest words in this world & one should say only if he/she really feels it & mean it.

I’m CREATIVE/ ARTISTIC . I love Writing (Quotes, Articles, Poems, Stories, Songs, etc). I love Painting, Sketching, Photography, Dancing (SalsaLatinZumbaBollywoodClassical & Folk), Singing, Playing Guitar, Interior Designing and other creative works. If something is unique & creative, it will certainly catch my Eyes!

I’m SOCIAL WORKER. For me social work is to educate people, help them with knowledge of facilities, knowledge of rights provided by government  & help them with skills to live better life.  For me social work is to spread smiles & give helping hand to people when they needed it most. For me social work is to help people in finding power within self, providing safer & healthier world to all. For me social work is to save our planet & god gifted resources like water, air, trees & above all Saving Humanity!

I’m PATRIOTIC. I love my Country & I love my Planet! I don’t believe in any caste, any community, etc. I believe that if there is any caste, creed exists in this world then that is only HUMANITY & I belong to that caste only. I’m INDIAN & above that I’m HUMAN.

I believe in GOD. I believe that he is within us. I believe that there is only one way to worship god & that is to spread prosperity, love & happiness to others. I believe if your soul is pure & you are true then god is always with you!


I’m here to serve my purpose of adding more life to all of you.. Help you all to stay motivated during hard times, stay positive & focused towards your goals and Live your Life at Fullest!

In this blog, i’ll share my writing & try to add world’s best motivational stuffs like quotes, stories, inspiration people, motivational videos & speeches, etc. I’ll acknowledge authors for their valuable writing for sure! I’ll try my best to bring best to you!

Hope you will like my Blog & help me with your comments, suggestions, messages & Of course Likes & Follows (that help me to stay motivated & publish more).

Enjoy reading my blog!

Stay Strong & Stay Content!

Take Care,


Twitter: https://twitter.com/NITIKASHARMA

LinkedIn: in.linkedin.com/in/nitikasharma


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