Never ever give-up!

If you have a strong dream & have one crystal clear goal in Life. If you feel that you are meant to be something. If you can sense the god plan for you. Don’t ever worry about Detour. It happens to everyone. If you check out history of most successful people ever exist on this earth, you will actually find that detours, bloopers & setbacks. Every History creator face that and very bad one! But they still make things work because they believed in themselves & Never give-up! They never give-up on their dreams, they never give-up on learning, they never give-up in any form even if the heaven fell on them.

You should not lose your confidence, your connection with your inner self, your connection with your Life Road Map & your connection with God.

Life simply test you in every sense before giving you what you actually deserve & what actually you are made for.

Just remember two things in life:

  1. There is no dead-end in life, but if you ever feel so just take a U-turn & find the new road to make things work. You always have an Option.
  2. The only person you ever need to convince, motivate & push to follow your dream is the person you meet every day in your mirror.

Just believe in yourself. You are born different & blessed with immense super power. You have all you need, including capabilities to gain/ arrange what you don’t have.

Never ever give-up to detours, bloopers & setbacks!

No matter how bad you feel, how sick you are, how dull you are… Stand up & show that you are meant for your goal. You are meant to be The Best!

Focus on your dreams, focus on what you are born for!

– NitikaS


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