As a Woman

I see people talk about woman empowerment in corporate & social world. Lots of campaigns run around same subject but still find news full of crime against woman.  As a corporate & social woman, I believe that the woman empowerment practices will be more successful if we are treated equally.  I’m sure, many of the women & even men across globe agrees with this. I guess all woman want to say this to all man:

Dear Man,

As a Woman, We don’t need special status, reservation, special treatment or special favors. We just need equal status & equal chance.

As a Woman, we don’t need your sympathy nor need your special attentions. We need our Brilliance,  Excellence, Hard work & Passion to get acknowledged & noticed over our Beauty or Body.

As a Woman, we can take out 48 hour from that little 24 hours & we are happy with that. We are happy to be your life, mother, wife, sister, daughter, best friend & lover but we are simply not ready to be something more just because we want to be big.

As a Woman, we are just not ready to spread our legs to spread our reach, get big status or to expand our bank balance. We don’t treat man as part of our Financial or Career Plan because we believe in our potential and we request you not to expect from us that way.

As a Woman, we want to be treated equally on the basis of our Mind, Energy, Capabilities, Hard Work & Intelligence.

As a Woman, we are emotional but when it comes to crisis or tough conditions, we are the one who stand by you, become your support & source of strength. We are much tougher than you think.

As a Woman, we just need to be treated as a Human and not as a part of joke or pleasure.

As a Woman, we can make your world more Beautiful & make our planet more Prosperous. We just needed to be treated in Right Manner.

As a Woman, we have power to nurture & grow the life. And we know that without us you just cant survive & nor the human species but we are still humble & take this god power with Full Responsibility.

As a Woman, we know & are confident that we are Talented, Bold, Sharp, Intelligent enough to handle Business in the better way and at the same time are Emotional, Caring & Lovable enough to handle your world beautifully.

As a Woman, We just request you to take off your X-Ray Specs and look us from the bigger, healthier & better version of you. We are great partners, coworkers, friends, family & Above all great Human.

As a Woman, We just want you to treat us fairly & behave with us as ‘A Real Man’. In our words, we just want you to be ‘The Gentleman’.

With Hope,





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